Academic Essays on Various Subjects, Theological and Otherwise

Papers on Academia.Edu:

i. Borges and I – A Critical Reflection

ii. Everything is Significant: The Christian Semiological Presuppositions of Moby-Dick

iii. Preaching Skies and Crying Stones: Toward an Articulation of a Christian Semiotics

iv. Goethe’s Logos and the Christian Logos: A Brief Comparative Analysis

v. Paradigms, Narratives, or Types? A Brief Narratological Assessment of James Welch’s Novel The Heart Song of Charging Elk

vi. Engaging Rationalism and Empiricism in Comus and Lamia

vii. A Transparent Text – In Both Senses of the Word

viii. A Re-Membering of Things Past?

ix. The Two Natures of Christ in Genesis 3:15 & 21

x. Lord God of Truth/Concerning the Teacher: A Book Review

xi. A Werewolf Is: Identifying the Werewolf Marie de France’s Bisclavret

xii. Under the Feet of the Proletariat: An Examination of the Theology of Under the Feet of Jesus by Helena Maria Viramontes

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