maybeA Personal Testimony

Non-Neutrality is a series of posts detailing my conversion. I decided to make this into its own page in order to make following the posts easier. As I add more parts to my story, I’ll link them here.


Non-Neutrality: A Personal Testimony

[Pt. 1]:  Conversion, Deconversion, and A Family Death

[Pt. 2]: A Metaphysical Conundrum

[Pt. 3]: Difference and Repetition: Before Grandpa Died or Ayden was Born

[Pt. 4]: Substance Abuse

[Pt. 5]: Underground Philosophizing

[Pt. 6] Awakening

[Pt. 7] Cold Turkey, Kinda

[Pt. 8] Genesis 3, or A Failed Attempt at Deconstructing the Scriptures