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Biblical Trinitarian: Soul Sleep: An Unbiblical Doctrine [Pt. 5]

I just posted part 5 of my study on Soul Sleep over at Biblical Trinitarian. In this latest installment, I examine parabolic representations of sleep and consider whether or not they lend support to the doctrine of Soul Sleep. Spoiler Alert: They don’t at all. ;)

If you’ve been following the articles, or if you haven’t but want to but are put off by the length of the whole study, stay tuned here or over at our Facebook page for our upcoming note explaining the article in a much briefer manner. I wanted to make sure I have the detailed/heavily footnoted/researched paper done before I wrote up the shorter summary of it. That way readers can answer questions about some of the claims I’ll be making in the shorter summary of the argument I’m making in the long paper.

So stay tuned!

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[Source: Biblical Trinitarian: Soul Sleep: An Unbiblical Doctrine [Pt. 5] ]