Coffee on Resurrection Sunday

I am a Bronx, NY expatriate living in Idaho for the time being, writing to pass the time. I’d love to run through Manhattan traffic, dodge speeding taxis, listen to conversations on the subway (and give my two cents), drinking copious amounts of coffee to fuel me on my aimless wanderings throughout the city’s five boroughs.

But here in Idaho, things are a lot slower, so I have ample free time to think about Christianity, Philosophy, Literature, Films, Music and anything else that comes to mind.

(From left to right) Clark, Noah, Abigail, Ayden

This is my beautiful wife, Brittney <3

I’m also a full time dad of four. and husband of one wife :)

12 thoughts on “-h.

  1. Tim says:

    Hi, I saw some of your comments on another blog related to the article “Do Christians exist?“. Your insights really spoke to me so I came looking for your blog. Really struggling to break away from the chains of a postmodern education and to have my assumptions about the world, knowledge, and being realigned again to the scriptures. Thanks for doing what you are doing. It has been a great help to me today.

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  2. Hiram says:

    Tim, thanks for the kind words :)

    The Lord has been merciful to me in delivering me from the tangled mess of “postmodernism.” Like I told George, I’ve read much of Derrida & Co, and I pressed it to its logical conclusion: Nihilism.

    It’s only by the grace of God that He humbled me with His Law
    and then raised me to life through the Gospel.

    I am thankful that I can witness to those who are caught up in the same nonsense I found myself in…

    Solus Christus

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