A Word of Caution About “Evangelist” Clayton Jennings

***April 08, 2019 UPDATE: The Clayton Jennings expose site underwent a cyber attack not shortly after it began to receive a lot of attention. Thankfully, however, Pulpit & Pen has the evidence backed up and posted on their site. You can access it here.

Scripture warns us about false teachers who prey upon gullible women, manipulating them for sexual and monetary gains. This is a reality that must be acknowledge, irrespective of how painful it may be for the false teacher to be fully exposed, and his victims to be put in the spotlight when they just want to repent and be restored to God.

“Evangelist” Clayton Jennings

After hearing about “evangelist” Clayton Jennings’ecclesiastical and sexual abuse, and, most damningly, his using the name of Christ to feed his sensual desires, I decided to post a link here to information on this man, so that readers may be warned to stay away from his “ministry.” The Clayton Jennings Files website — theclaytonjenningsfiles.com — provides the inquiring reader with hard evidence that Clayton Jennings is a wolf who uses his position of influence to abuse young women.

The history of Clayton Jennings has been reported on by Pulpit and Pen. You can find their articles here. Those articles will elaborate on the details of the various ways in which he has brought ridicule and shame upon the name of Christ. Here I’ll just mention that he has used his pulpit position to sexually take advantage of young women (and at least one 16 yr old girl), and has been abusing drugs while in the pulpit and in the public eye as an “evangelist.”

That being said, please not that I don’t enjoy making posts like these, but they are sometimes necessary. Please check out the site, read the articles on Pulpit and Pen, and warn those who may be considering inviting this false teacher to speak to their congregations in the name of Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria

3 thoughts on “A Word of Caution About “Evangelist” Clayton Jennings

  1. Cherie Vandermillen says:

    Good evening,
    My name is Cherie Vandermillen and I am the editor for Pulpit & Pen.
    Recently, you assisted us with posting an article on Clayton Jennings “A WORD OF CAUTION ABOUT “EVANGELIST” CLAYTON JENNINGS.”
    We have learned from Rabbi Christopher Frederickson’s website was hacked and all of his Clayton Jennings files removed.
    If you be so kind as to add the following article as a link to your post, P&P would be grateful for your further help.
    Thank you.
    May the grace and mercy of God be multiplied to you.
    The link:


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