“Our God is Triune: Essays in Biblical Theology” – Coming Soon

v2At Biblical Trinitarian, Mike R. Burgos Jr. and I have labored to provide readers with quality scholarly articles on a variety of apologetics topics. Some time ago, Mike proposed the idea of an apologetics book defending Trinitarianism. This book would include not just our writing, but essays from other co-laborers in apologetics.

Well, the book is coming together after some time, and it looks great! It is in the final stages of editing, so it’s not for sale yet. However, I’ve included the working front and back covers, as well as the chapter titles and the names of authors who contributed to the book. Take a look at it, and stay tuned for more info on the book. It will be available for E-readers & Tablets (e.g. Kindle, Nook, Ipad, etc), and may, possibly, also be available in hardcover.

I pray that this work will be a great source of assistance to the church as we go out and defend the truth against the enemies of Christ.

The title of the book is, as you’ve probably guessed, Our God is Triune: Essays in Biblical Theology. Here are the covers –













The Chapter Listing & Corresponding Authors


1. Proto-Trinitarian Christology . Michael R. Burgos Jr.

2. Justified: A Proto-Trinitarian Reading of Genesis 1:26-27. Michael  R. Burgos Jr.

3. The “Heavenly” & “Earthly” Yahweh: A Proto-Trinitarian Intrepretation of Genesis 19:24, Part I. Anthony Rogers.

4. The “Heavenly” & “Earthly” Yahweh: A Proto-Trinitarian Intrepretation of Genesis 19:24, Part II. Anthony Rogers.

5. Proto-Trinitarianism in the Book of Daniel. Hiram R. Diaz III.

6.  Jewish Proto-Trinitarianism. Michael R. Burgos Jr.

7. An Exegesis & Synthesis of John 1:1-3. Michael R. Burgos Jr.

8. Yahweh: The Man Who Told Abraham the Truth. Hiram R. Diaz III.

9. Forma Dei/Forma Servus: A Necessary Christological Dialectic. Michael R. Burgos Jr.

10. I Am: Reducing Unitarian Argumentation to Ashes. Michael R. Burgos Jr.

11. Not From Men, Nor Through Men. Hiram R. Diaz III.

12. Don’t Call it a Comeback: Unitarianism Refuted by Divine Fatherhood. Michael R. Burgos Jr.

13. The Preexistence of the Person of the Son. Edward Dalcour.

14.  The Unity of God in Christianity & Islam. Rudolph P. Bushoff.

15. Answering Attacks on the Trinity from the New Urban Alternative Spiritualities: The Triune Nature of God in Ante-Nicene and Early African Christianity. Vocab Malone.

16. The Axiom of Unipersonality: Examining Unitarian Arguments Against the Trinity. Hiram R. Diaz III.

17. Jesus Was a Trinitarian. Hiram R. Diaz III.

Until next time,

Soli Deo Gloria.


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