Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 7a) – Rethinking Hell’s Proponents

George Alvarado, writer from the Defending-Contending blog (now has a new blog which will feature his writing on various topics, including Conditionalism/Annihilationism.

This article enumerates, and details, the extent to which “”‘s “ministry” breaks bread with heretics who deny the Gospel (i.e. penal substitutionary atonement), inerrancy. and God’s omniscience, among other central doctrines of the faith.

Be sure to subscribe to the blog, and check out the six other posts he has written against Conditionalism/Annihilationism.

Our Common Salvation


I keep saying over and over again that the annihilationism/conditionalism discussion would take on a different form if it wasn’t for all the heretics Rethinking Hell and others like them affirm, associate, and keep company with. As I pointed out in article 5a concerning the atonement, there are some very serious concerns that should be addressed, not just about the unsound biblical hermeneutics coming out of this camp, but also the corruptions these associations bring to the table. Saying this, have you ever taken a gander at Rethinking Hell’s list for “proponents” of conditionalism? I have. Seems overwhelming at first. It’s almost like so manyorthodox scholars and preachers would adhere to this position. Well, I have watched videos and listened to podcasts where Chris Date touts some of these names when asked for scholars that believe in conditionalism. But are you aware of what some of these…

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