How to Protest: A Beginner’s Guide

protestYou’re Doing it Wrong

If John protests x, then John implies that x should not be the case. Now, if John believes that x should not be the case this implies that he judges x to be wrong. And if John judges x to be wrong, then this implies that John has a standard of judgment that transcends the standard utilized by those who instantiated x.

So in all cases of protestation, there is an assumed standard by which x, as well as those who have instantiated x, may be judged.

Protesting, then, is an ethical act in which the protester claims to align himself with the correct standard of judgment to which x and those who have instantiated x must be in subjection. The standard is transcendent, therefore, and grants the protester the right to judge x as wrong and unworthy of acceptance or obedience.

In a word: Protesting is an ethical act legitimized by an assumed transcendent ethical standard.

What this means is that unless there is a universal and transcendent moral law, there can be no legitimate protests. There can be a lot of whining, complaining, and throwing of temper tantrums – but legitimate protests are out of the question.

If, without a universal and transcendent ethical standard, John screams “x is wrong! We must disobey those who instantiated x!” he  is simply stating an opinion loudly, and one that can be countered by any other opinion. One could just as well scream out: “x is right! We must obey those who instantiated x!” And there would be no objective reasons as to why any listener should side with John or his opponent.

failureRelativists Cannot Legitimately Protest Anything

Ironically, of course, postmodern philosophers correctly assessed the situation:

If there are no universal epistemological, moral, and metaphysical standards, then all ethical discourse reduces to a power struggle.

Non-absolute standards of morality, which are by definition relativistic standards of morality, cannot justify protesting x. They are mere opinions which may be disregarded by anyone, for any reason whatsoever.

  • There are no violations of universal standards of conduct.
  • There are no violations of universal standards of thinking.
  • There are no violations of universal standards of determining what is or is not an ethical object.

Anything goes – literally.

But this, some will protest, is not a good way to live. Others will chime in and assert their right to stand in opposition to this judgment. Still others will dissent and shake their fists, declaring that it is not right for one to draw these logical conclusions from their stated beliefs.

And they will all be contradicting themselves.

Protesting Done Properly

So the problem with protesting is that it reveals one’s commitment to an absolute standard of thinking, of doing, of determining what is and what isn’t an ethical object. It flies in the face of the core tenets of the anti-Christian ideologies running rampant in the world today.

So how does one properly protest? Here are the steps one needs to take.

  1. Recognize that you are contradicting yourself when you assert that morality is not absolute and yet that x and whoever instantiated x in society are morally wrong.
  2. Admit that you already knew that, but you have been suppressing the truth in order to avoid feeling guilty over your own transgression of the universal ethical code you try to use as a club to beat your enemies with.
  3. Admit that you know the universal ethical code is actually God’s Law.
  4. Admit that you have sinned against God by breaking his law.
  5. Admit that you need to be saved from his just recompense of sinners.
  6. Admit that you cannot absolve yourself of guilt and, thereby, save yourself.
  7. Admit that you can only be saved by God himself.
  8. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, who alone bore the guilt and punishment of all who would trust in him as their Savior from God’s wrath.
  9. Apply the law to your own conscience, asking God to forgive you of your own transgressions as you seek to walk with him daily.
  10. Apply the law to those around you as you preach the Gospel to them and protest against the world, the flesh, and the devil.
  11. Live your new found Christian life in direct opposition to the commonly accepted, relativistic moral standards arbitrarily bandied about on social media and IRL.



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