Some Notes on Scriptural Epistemology Pt.2

residences[This post is part of a series. Please see Pt.1]

§ 4. Where Does This Leave Us?

  1. Man is the image of God. As such, man is a thinking, willing being created as knowing basic truths about God, himself, and creation. This is evident from Gen 1:28-30, where man understands the following things immediately:


  1. Knowledge is revealed to Adam upon certain occasions. For instance, upon eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, upon seeing the Woman for the first time, and upon hearing that Eve will be the mother of all the living (physically and, in an indirect and loose sense, spiritually).
  1. God directly reveals knowledge to Adam correlative to certain experiences, but these occasions are not causes of knowledge or even sources of knowledge. God is the cause and source of knowledge.
  1. Knowledge, then, is both innate and imparted. God created Adam as a thinking, rational, volitional being. This requires a rather large amount of knowledge, as demonstrated above. However, God reveals knowledge that is understood as knowledge because we already have a basic knowledge of the laws of logic, language, biology, physics, and mathematics.



[9] Note the distinction between yielding and containing seed.

[10] The first use of earth is wider, encompassing the sea, the heavens, and the land on which man stands.

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