Implications for the Personal Nature of God

Given my last post, I though reposting this might be helpful. This post, in conjunction with the last one, I think can helpfully demonstrate the futility of the atheist objections they address.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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Angry-Kid1. God is not a Person; God is Personal.
God,   according   to   the   Bible   is   a   tri­personal   Being.   What   sets   the   Christian   doctrine apart   from  unitarian   theologies   is   that   God’s   personhood   exists   independently   of   creation,   within   himself.   Jesus  explains   the   dynamics   of   the   Trinitarian   relationships   when   he   states:

“No   one   knows   the   Son   except   the  Father,   and   no   one   knows   the   Father   except   the   Son,   and   anyone   to   whom   the   Son   chooses   to   reveal  him.”

Implicit   to   the   statement   that   Christ   reveals   the   Father   to   whomever   he   wills   is   the   omniscience   of  the Holy Spirit who, according to Paul, “comprehends the thoughts of God” and reveals them to the elect. (cf. 1 Cor 2:10-11)

The   Father,   the   Son,   and   the   Holy   Spirit   know   one   another   perfectly,   act   in   unison   with   one  another,   and   created   and   now   sustain   all   creation   in   complete   harmony   with   one   another.   To   put   the   matter  briefly:  …

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