The Deity of the Holy Spirit in Mark 2:8

pneumaMark 2:8:

And immediately Jesus, perceiving in his spirit that they thus questioned within themselves, said to them…

Mark 2:1-12 is a stumbling block to all who deny the Deity of Jesus Christ, for it clearly teaches that while God alone has the authority to forgive sins, restore paralytics to full functioning, and read the thoughts of men, Jesus Christ also has the same. Christ’s ability to forgive and heal and know the inner workings of the minds of men clearly show us that he is not merely a man or an exalted spirit creature but Yahweh in the flesh. This is problematic for the Jehovah’s Witness and others like them, for it reveals Jesus has divine attributes (i.e. omnipotence and omniscience) and prerogatives (i.e. the authority to forgive sins) which cannot be assigned to a mere creature without committing the sin of blasphemy.

There are many ingenious attempts to get out from under the heavy hand of logic, but not only do they utterly fail to deal with the fact that Christ knows the thoughts of men, they utterly fail to recognize that if only God can read the thoughts of men, and Mark is a man, then Mark cannot read the thoughts of men. Yet Mark says Jesus perceived in his spirit, i.e. understood in his mind. How can Mark know the thoughts of Christ? How can Mark know the thoughts of any man?[1] Scripture states rather explicitly that no one knows the thoughts of a man except the spirit of that man which is in him.[2] How, then, we ask again, did Mark know the thoughts of Jesus?

Either Mark’s report is true, or Mark’s report is false. If it is true, then Mark cannot be the source of such knowledge, for only God knows these things. If it is false, however, then the Scriptures are false and not the Word of God. The answer lies in our understanding of the Holy Spirit’s role in the creation of Scripture. If the Holy Spirit has knowledge of the thoughts of men, then he is God. If he is not God, conversely, he does not have knowledge of the thoughts of men. Thus, if Mark’s words are true concerning what takes place in Jesus’ mind, then they necessarily originate in the mind of the Holy Spirit. And if this is so, which it is, then the Holy Spirit is God.


[1] cf. Mark 3:5, 6:49, 7:6

[2] 1st Cor 2:11a


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