Federal Vision / Auburn Avenue Theology : Some Available Resources

This is a good compilation of resources demonstrating that Doug Wilson and the Federal Vision movement are heretical. The resources also refute Federal Visionism.

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“Works before conversion cannot engage God, and works after conversion can not satisfy God.” – Thomas Manton

Here are a few available audio resources which deal with the topic of Federal Vision / Auburn Avenue Theology:

– sermon : “Covenant Theology: Auburn Avenue, Baptismal Regeneration” (pastor : Mark Liddle, Dominion Baptist Church)



Mark Liddle, a Reformed Baptist pastor, also preached 25 other messages on the topic of covenant theology from a Baptist perspective:



– sermon : “Doug Wilson: Heretic or Reformer? Part 1” (pastor : Brian Schwertley, Covenanted Reformed Presbyterian Church)



– sermon : “Doug Wilson: Heretic or Reformer? Part 2” (pastor : Brian Schwertley, Covenanted Reformed Presbyterian Church)



– sermon : “The Gospel Crisis in the OPC and PCA” (pastor : Brian Schwertley, Covenanted Reformed Presbyterian Church)


– lecture : “The Auburn Avenue Theology” (the late John Robbins, Trinity Foundation)

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3 thoughts on “Federal Vision / Auburn Avenue Theology : Some Available Resources

  1. Heather says:

    Is Doug Wilson’s church located in Moscow, ID? His beliefs are not familiar to me, as I’ve mostly been preoccupied with trying to understand the teachings of the RCC, SDA and Hebrew Roots groups.
    It’s been my assumption that you’ve had personal experience with Mr Wilson’s teaching, and believe I know some folks who know his family.
    I don’t have the ability to listen to the audio resources at this time, but would appreciate a brief written outline of the areas of concern…or a link, if you’ve already written one that I missed/have forgotten for some reason.


    • hiram says:

      Yep. He’s in Moscow, ID. I’m pretty close by to his church and have a friend who attends there. Wilson is a nice guy, congenial, extroverted, but he is a wolf.

      Here’s why.

      The Federal Vision movement speaks with a forked tongue. On the one hand it says that all those who are baptized are Christians. And on the other hand it says that not everyone who is baptized has saving faith.

      The problem is that anyone who is a Christian has saving faith. If one does not have saving faith, then one is not a Christian. The Scriptures are incredibly clear about this. Thus, in saying that all who are baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are members of the church, Christians, united to Christ and receiving the benefits of being united to him, the Federal Visionists are saying that all who are baptized are truly children of God. Contrarily, however, they then say that those who are baptized in the name of the Trinity may not have saving faith at all.

      To cut through the circuitous nonsense these men, including Wilson, say in order to confuse their hearers, let’s look at what they are saying:

      1. Anyone who is baptized in the name of the Trinity been united to Christ and his church by baptism (ie. they have become a Christian).

      2. Anyone who does not have saving faith, despite their being a Christian who is united to Christ and his church through baptism, is condemned to hell.

      Well. That’s a massive contradiction. Either one is a Christian, or one is not a Christian. The Federal Visionists don’t make that Scriptural distinction.

      To make matters worse, they claim to believe in justification by faith alone, but they define faith as faith-fulness. Faith is not faithfulness. Faithfulness is obedience to God’s commands – faith is not of the Law.

      Look at this snakery:

      “Justification by Faith Alone

      We affirm we are saved by grace alone, through faith alone. Faith alone is the hand which is given to us by God so that we may receive the offered grace of God. Justification is God’s forensic declaration that we are counted as righteous, with our sins forgiven, for the sake of Jesus Christ alone.

      We deny that the faith which is the sole instrument of justification can be understood as anything other than the only kind of faith which God gives, which is to say, a living, active, and personally loyal faith. Justifying faith encompasses the elements of assent, knowledge, and living trust in accordance with the age and maturity of the believer. We deny that faith is ever alone, even at the moment of the effectual call. ”

      (source: http://www.federal-vision.com/resources/joint_FV_Statement.pdf)

      Note that while the affirmation section sounds pretty orthodox, the denial section defines faith as “active and personally loyal” (i.e. obedient to the Law). In other words, you are saved by faith alone, if by “faith alone” you mean “faith and obedience to the law.”

      Here’s a written resource:


      Soli Deo Gloria


      • Heather says:

        Thanks for the links.

        If I understood the Federal Vision statement correctly, I can see your concern about Christ’s work + my (Spirit empowered) effort = salvation.

        I appreciate your taking the time to respond.

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