If Evolution is True, then Truth Doesn’t Matter [An Excerpt]

monkeyfacepalmI’m currently researching a variety of subjects for my thesis paper. Today I came across a great little paper title The Darwinian Assault Upon Language by Bryce J. Christensen. What follows is an excerpt from the paper, which you can download in its entirety here.

If embracing truth and rejecting error is in any sense a moral challenge, then Darwin’s fears concerning his loss of appreciation for poetry deserve more than passing attention even among scientists. Indeed, a Darwinian explanation of language appears vulnerable to a second fundamental objection: namely, that it renders impossible any real search for truth, including scientific truth. For Darwinian evolutionists, language originated as simply one more biological strategy to enhance survival and reproductive success. Note the emphasis on the usefulness of language in tool-making and “productivity” among modern linguists who subscribe to evolutionary doctrine. But if language is simply a tool for enhancing reproductive success, then questions of truth simply disappear. The question then becomes not–as it was for Darwin and his Victorian contemporaries–whether evolutionary theory is true, but simply whether those who espouse or accept it enjoy reproductive success over those who reject it on religious or philosophic grounds, or out of sheer ignorance.


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