Philosophizing is an Act of Worship [Gordon H. Clark]

Gordon H. Clark

Gordon H. Clark

“An ancient philosopher with a mathematical mind asserted that the circle was the most beautiful of all figures. At any rate, the beauty of philosophy is its circularity, for one may begin at any point and by constantly making progress return to the same point again. In the meantime, he will have made the circuit of things seen and things unseen, and he will have discovered some of the beauty of both.The universe, with its vast astronomy, with its thinking reed, with the history and politics of nations, is God’s handiwork and has been excellently well made. At least, so the Christian believes. But how can one know that it is beautiful unless thought is expended, unless time is taken to examine it, unless the purpose of its darker hues and the lines of its actors are understood? After an artist produces his piece, the public gains appreciation only by seeing how each stroke of the brush, or each line of the poem, fits the whole. A work of art is an integrated whole; it is not a disjointed aggregation of unrelated things; and knowledge and appreciation depend on an understanding of the plan according to which it was formed. No doubt the public fails fully to appreciate and fully to understand the genius of the artist; but it seems irrational, tragic, inconceivable that an omnipotent artist should let his fairest flower be born to blush unseen and waste its sweetness on the desert air. In other words, philosophizing is an act of worship.”

A Christian View of Men and Things.


2 thoughts on “Philosophizing is an Act of Worship [Gordon H. Clark]

  1. cucumberlodge says:

    Powerful thought by Clark. As an artist, I have often considered art as the visual equivalent of thought and concept. Art of high caliber shares both beauty and distinction.These very qualities sought by artists reflect beauty as defined in God’s Word. A while back I did a short study where I discovered that beauty, more often than not, appears alongside holiness in the scriptures, revealing the distinctiveness of God himself.

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