Some Interesting Reads

peirce-semiosisI’m currently working on my thesis paper for my Lit degree, so that means I’ve been swimming in journal articles and books. I’ll be writing on the novel as semiosphere, a subject I’ve touched in two of prior papers (here and here) but which I want to pursue in much more depth. Some of the stuff I’ll be trying to incorporate into my thesis is covered in the papers I’ve listed below. I find this stuff fascinating and, more importantly, helpful in understanding the supremacy and Lordship of the Logos of God/Jesus Christ over all of reality. You’ll probably need school credentials to get these articles….or you may not need them. I haven’t had the time to check which is the case.

But either way, enjoy :)

Scholarly Articles

1. Streete, Adam. “Reforming Signs: Semiotics, Calvinism and Clothing in Sixteenth-century England,” in Literature & History, third series 12/1, 1-18.

2. Nørgaard, Nina. “The Semiotics of Typography in Literary Texts: A Multimodal Approach,” in Orbis Litterarum 64:2 (2009), 141-160.

3. Scalia, Bill R. “Toward a Semiotics of Poetry and Film,” in Literature Film Quarterly Vol. 40, Issue 1 (January 2012), 46-53.

4. Fried, Daniel. “Milton and Empiricist Semiotics,” in Milton Quarterly Volume 37, Issue 3 (October 2003), 117-138.

5. Laurence, David. “Jonathan Edwards, John Locke, and the Canon of Experience,” in Early American Literature Volume XV (1980), 107-123.

6. Ringer, Jefferey. “Faith and Language: Walter Hilton, St. Augustineand Post-Structural Semiotics,” in Christianity and Literature Vol. 53, No. 1 (Autumn 2003), 3-18.

7. Aichele, George. “Reading Jesus Writing,” in Biblical Interpretation Volume 12, Issue 4 (2004), 353-368.


1. Burton, Philip. Language in the Confessions of Augustine (New York: Oxford University Press, 2007), 198 pp.

2. Bakhtin, M.M. Speech Genres and Other Late Essays, trans. Vern W. McGee, ed. Caryl Emerson and Michael Holquist. (Texas: University of Texas Press, 1986), 177 pp.

3. Coates, Ruth. Christianity  in Bakhtin: God and the Exiled Author (England: Cambridge University Press, 2004), 201 pp.

-til next time :)



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