Some Good Reading

My friend and I have been writing for an apologetic endeavor we hope to publish in the not too distant future, so I’ve been trying to read as much as I can on a variety of topics that I think will assist my efforts. I’ve found these helpful and challenging. Just thought I’d share.

pjihpI. Christology

1. Putting Jesus in His PlaceThe Case for the Deity of Christ, by Robert Bowman & J. Ed Komoszewski. This book can be of use to the non-technical or the technical reader. It is a very well written defense of the Deity of Christ that uncovered some proofs that I had not previously considered. Good stuff!

2. “Symmetries of Equivalence: Logos and Theos in John 1:1-2,” in Kerux, by James T. Dennison, Jr.. Dennison explores some subtle structural aspects of John 1:1-2 and demonstrates that the verses aim to give emphasis to the Jesus’ essential equality to the Father.

II. Biblical Epistemology

1. “The Knowledge of God in Romans 1:18-23,” in JETS 43/4 (December 2000), 695–707, by Richard Alan Young. This essay attempts to flesh out the meaning of general revelation according to Romans 1. While I don’t agree with the author’s conclusion, I find his work illuminating in a number of ways.

thomwatson2.The Scriptures, by Thomas Watson. Watson is just brilliant. His defense of the doctrine of Sola Scriptura is very helpful.

3. “The Gospel of the Memra: Jewish Binitarianism and the Prologue to John,” in The Harvard Theological Review, Vol. 94, No. 3 (Jul., 2001), pp. 243-284, by Daniel Boyarin. This essay examines John’s prologue and its relation to Jewish Binitarianism. Interesting, if nothing more ;)

4.“Language from a Christian Perspective Reconsidered,” in Journal of Christianity and Foreign Languages, 12 (2011): 10–28, by Richard Robison. Another interesting piece.

III. Metaphysics

1. All or Nothing? Nature in Chinese Thought and the Apophatic Occident,” in Comparative Philosophy Volume 5, No. 2 (2014): 4-24, by William Franke. This essay is helpful in demonstrating the natural end of materialism once it is unfettered from Christian suppositions, viz. mystical monism/pantheism.

til next time.



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