Some Philosophy Podcast Suggestions

podcastIf you’re looking for a new podcast to listen to, or you are pressed for time and can’t read as much philosophy as you would like, then I recommend the following podcasts.

Caveat: If you’re not prepared to deal with some difficult questions that are, often, raised in opposition to the Christian faith itself, then you might want make sure you are grounded in your theology first before going on to grapple with the ideas and thinkers these podcasts present.

Sola Gratia ;)

1.The Partially Examined Life

This podcast covers a wide range of philosophers throughout the history of philosophy, and does so in a way that is informative and entertaining. I think pretty much anyone can jump into listening to one of these podcasts and find themselves engaged with the content. The podcast hosts are not Christians, so there are inappropriate jokes and foul language at times, but the material on philosophy is very good.

Learn more about the podcast here.

2. Elucidations

From the website:

Elucidations is a monthly philosophy podcast recorded at the University of Chicago.  Each month, a prominent philosopher sits down with our graduate student co-hosts to talk about his or her latest work and areas of philosophical expertise.  The podcast covers a wide range of topics from the theoretical to the practical (including causation, metaphor, agency, religious freedom, and moral psychology) and explores a wide range of problems from the perennial to the cutting-edge (including skepticism and experimental philosophy).

This is another excellent podcast. It is, however, quite a bit more technical, covering philosophers & philosophical concepts in more detail than The Partially Examined Life. If you want to catch up on contemporary philosophy/philosophers, and you already have a background in philosophy, this podcast is very helpful.

Download the podcast episodes here.

3. New Books in Philosophy

I found this podcast when searching for something to listen to at work, and it has been a great aid in keeping up with newer endeavors in philosophy. As the podcast is dealing with primary sources in philosophy, interviewing the authors of those works, it is the most technical of the podcasts I’ve mentioned so far.  If you have a background in philosophy, or if you want to throw yourself into the middle contemporary philosophical debates, then New Books in Philosophy is a great resource.

From the website:

New Books in Philosophy features peer-to-peer discussions with philosophers about their new ideas as expressed in their newly published books. The program is co-hosted by Carrie Figdor (University of Iowa) and Robert Talisse(Vanderbilt University). Between the two of us, we will be exploring new books in ethics, epistemology, philosophy of mind, metaphysics, philosophy of science, social and political philosophy, history of philosophy, philosophy of language, and many other subfields. Our goal is to bridge the academic and public spheres without shortchanging the complexity of the ideas being discussed. Expect to be challenged – we’ll avoid the jargon, but we won’t avoid the difficulty.

Learn more about the podcast here.

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