Spurgeon on Philippians 1:6

spurjI had the honor of preaching on Philippians 1:6 today. As soon as the sermon is posted on my church’s website, I’ll provide a link for any who are interested in listening. Until then, here is Spurgeon on the same text.

There is a world of argument in the quiet words which the Apostle uses. He is confident, knowing what he does of the Character of God, that He who
has begun a good work in His saints will perform it until the day of Christ.
Notice the time mentioned in the text—the good work is to be perfected in the day of Christ, by which we suppose is intended the Second Coming of our Lord. The Christian will not be perfected until the Lord Christ shall descend from Heaven with a shout, with the trumpet of the archangel, and the Voice of God.

That day of the Second Coming is set as the day of the finished work which God has begun, when without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing, body, soul, and spirit, shall see the face of God with acceptance, and forever and ever rejoice in the pleasures which are at God’s right hand. This is what we are looking forward to—that God who taught us to repent will wholly Sanctify us; that He who made the briny tears to flow, will wipe every tear from that same eye; that He who made us gird ourselves with the sackcloth and the ashes of penitence, will yet gird us with the fair white linen which is the righteousness of the saints! He who brought us to the Cross will bring us to the crown! He who made us look upon Him whom we pierced, and mourn because of Him, will cause us to see the King in His beauty, and the land that is very far off. The same dear hand that struck, and afterwards healed, will in the latter days caress us! He who looked upon us when we were dead in

sin, and called us into Spiritual Life, will continue to regard us with favor till our life shall be consummated in the land where there is no more death, sorrow, nor sighing! Such is the Truth of God which the text evidently teaches us.

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