Resources on the Logos in Philosophy and Theology

In Beginning was the Logos/Logic...

In Beginning was the Logos/Logic…

My latest paper is a comparative study of Goethe’s Logos and its relation to Jesus Christ, the Divine Logos. I hope to post it on soon. Until then, however, here is a list of resources that may be helpful in properly differentiating the Divine Logos, Jesus Christ, from the the Logos of the philosophers (e.g, Heraclitus, the Stoics, Philo, etc).  Some of these are available online for free, others can be accessed by those with academic library credentials. Enjoy!

Philosophical Sources

Raoul Mortley, From Word to Silence: The Rise and Fall of Logos vol. I (Frankfurt: Hanstein, 1986).

Gordon H. Clark, Ancient Philosophy, ed. John Robbins (Tennessee: The Trinity Foundation, 1997).

Rudolph Bultmann, Primitive Christianity in its Contemporary Setting, trans. R.H. Fuller (New York: Meridian, 1958).

Theological Sources

Herman C. Waetjen, “Logos προς τον θόν and the Objectification of Truth in the Prologue of the Fourth Gospel,” The Catholic Biblical Quarterly, vol. 63 (2001).

R.V. Young, “Deconstruction and the Fear and Loathing of Logos,” Modern Age, Winter (1992).

Jackson Lashier. “Iranaeus as Logos Theologian,” Vigiliae Christianae, 2012, Vol. 66 Issue 4

Ed L. Miller, “The Johannine Origin of the Johannine Logos,” Journal of Biblical Literature, 112/3, 1993.

Mark W. Koehne, “The Jewish Targums and John’s Logos Theology,” Theological Studies. Dec 2010, vol. 71 Issue 4,


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