Don’t Be a Meddler….Some Advice From C.H. Spurgeon

the spurgemeisterThe following is a quotation from a lecture titled “The Blind Eye and The Deaf Ear” delivered by the prince of preachers, C.H. Spurgeon. I found it to be edifying, and I hope you do you as well.


Do not grieve your neighbors by your meddlesomeness. We have all enough to do at home, and it is prudent to keep out of all disputes which do not belong to us. We are recommended by one of the world’s proverbs to wash our dirty linen at home, and I will add another line to it, and advise that we do not call on our neighbors while their linen is in the suds. This is due to our friends, and will best promote peace. “He that passeth by and meddleth with strife belonging not  to him, is like one that taketh a dog by the ears” — he is very apt to be bitten, and few will pity him.

Bridges wisely observes that ‘Our Blessed Master has read us a lesson of godly wisdom. He healed the contentions in his own family, but when called to meddle with strife belonging not to him, he gave answer — ‘Who made me a judge or a divider over you?’


My counsel is that we join the ‘knownothings,’ and never say a word until we have heard both sides; and, moreover, that we do our best to avoid hearing one side or the other if the matter does not concern us.

Is not this a sufficient explanation of my declaration that I have one blind eye and one deaf ear, and that they are the best eye and ear I have?





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