On the Impossibility of Evolution

Were Not Related (AntiEvolution Poster) The following argument is an application of the problem of identity to the theory of evolution. It is not an extensive treatment of the concept, but that is because it doesn’t need to be ;) Apologist Mike Robinson of www.thelordgodexists.com has an excellent variation on a similar problem facing naturalists at this link. If you want a more in depth logical criticism of the naturalistic worldview, I think his article is a great help.

My argument is simple:

If all living organisms perpetually evolve, then no living organism is ever self-identical.

But the perpetual evolution of a given organism presupposes its self-identity.

Therefore, perpetual evolution is impossible.

That is all.

Soli. Deo. Gloria.



8 thoughts on “On the Impossibility of Evolution

        • hiram says:

          The syllogism’s first premise is an immediate inference, and its second premise simply points out that the idea of “change” or “transition” assumes some ultimately self-identical thing which undergoes change or transition from one state to another but essentially remains the same. The conclusion, consequently, follows necessarily.

          If you want me to point to physical data to verify what I am saying, that is not a burden I have to fulfill. Those who state that all living organisms undergo perpetual evolution must prove that universal proposition. I’m just running with their belief and showing that it is irrational.


          • The Great Antagonizer says:

            Hi again,

            You do need to provide an example, not to prove your point, but because I’m not quite getting what you’re saying.

            So, a negative, I admit, doesn’t need to be proven, but it can be put in a syllogism, nonetheless, to provide clarity about what your talking about.

            I’ll use a non-contentious assertion (at least, I assume it is) to show a proof in the negative.

            I have never seen nor heard of any kind of evidence for a fire-breathing frog.

            I have no reason to believe in things which I have no evidence for.

            Therefore, according to my admittedly limited knowledge of the universe, fire-breathing frogs do not exist.

            It’s never as powerful to prove a negative as a positive, and the onus is not on someone to prove the negative, but it does help to give an example for understanding.

            Note: this is not a trap. I seriously can’t conceptualize your syllogism, which means either I’m not getting something or something you wrote is ambiguous or confusing… I’m guessing it’s the former :)


  1. Rob R says:

    Hiram, I have often struggled with this concept, but never been able to put it into words. Your logic is straight forward and easy to understand. It seems valid and sound to me.

    This last week I have been musing the law of excluded middle.

    Thanks for posting your insight, I expect it will come in very handy some day!


  2. Rob R says:

    I wonder if this problem is why so many evolutionists, reject the distinction, and refuse to even enter a discussion of the differences between Micro and Macro evolution?


  3. hiram says:

    I think you’re on the money, Rob.

    The problem is, they essentially end with pantheism. If all is material, then nothing comes from nothing. And if nothing comes from nothing, and if all is undergoing perpetual change, then the universe is eternal and unknowable.

    Of course, they don’t reflect on this, as far as I can see. But there’s the logical descent into mysticism from the foundation of materialistic naturalism.

    Hope you had a good holiday, brother :)


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