Some Helpful Philosophy & General Study Tools & Resources…

ToolsAs I’m always on the move, it’s sometimes hard to find time to sit down and read a good book on the history of philosophy or catch up on the current trends in philosophy. Thankfully, there are some very helpful free podcasts. These aren’t Christian resources, I should note, but they  are nevertheless very informative. There are currents of thought that Christians can take note of, track, analyze in light of the Scriptures and, well, tear to shreds ;)

Here are some resources I’ve been using lately. Hope they are helpful to you as well.

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps — This podcast is slowly working through the history of philosophy in a detailed manner, at times bringing in scholars to interview/dialogue with about old interpretations of a given philosopher and newer interpretations of the same philosopher (e.g. Aristotle as he was interpreted by Medievalists and how he is understood today).

philosophy bites — This podcast deals with more contemporary treatments of the ancient philosophers, as well as with contemporary developments in philosophy. There seems to be a heavy leaning toward empiricism and materialism, but the dialogue/interview form of the podcast invites disagreement with their philosophical pre-commitments.

FB Reader & Ivona Voice (both for Android Devices) — FB Reader is a free e-reader application for Android devices which has a text-to-speech  function that reads aloud epub and .mobi format ebook. This can be a great help to those who can’t afford audiobooks or who don’t have the time to read as much as they would like to (i.e. me).

What can be a problem, however, is the synthetic robot voice that comes installed with your Android device. Thankfully, there is a company that provides beta versions of their rather high quality synthetic voices. The voices are all female for now,  and they are 100% free. — is a provider of free public domain audiobooks. There are many good readers who contribute there, but there are others which are less than ideal, let’s say. Although it is kind of hit and miss with respect to the voice and style of the reader, it is nevertheless a very good, free resource. Plato’s Republic is excellently read, as is Nietzsche’s Twilight of the Idols and The Gay Science.

Well, that’s all I got for now. Hope you are benefited by these :)


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