Moving On…?

I’ve been giving a lot of consideration to the fact that there are fellow Christians who read and follow my blog, taking into consideration the fact that my   views have changed as I have progressed in my understanding of what Scripture teaches. Consequently, I feel obligated to present content that is, across the board, much more consistent. In other words, I want to speak on what I know about and what I am certain about, and do so in a more consistent and gracious manner for the sake of all who may be edified thereby.

I thought about sifting through all of my writing here, deleting the older stuff and reorganizing all of my internal links. However, that would be a Herculean task. So instead, I’ve chosen to start a new blog. In that blog, I will be reposting many older articles, as I revise them, and will systematically layout my articles and resources. The web url will be, and it will be hosted by wordpress or wix (I’m deciding on this at the moment). I want to give a consistent testimony to and defense of the Truth, so please pray for me as I endeavor to start anew with these goals in mind.

I hope to have the site at least mapped  out by Monday of next week, as well as have my first revised article up at that point.

Soli Deo Gloria



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