Papists, and Mormons, and Annihilationists, oh My!

As I insinuated two posts ago, things have been quite hectic for me. I’ve committed myself to a number of different projects that are personally edifying and which will, I believe, help the Body of Christ in contending for the faith once for all delivered unto the saints. At my church, a brother and I have begun teaching presuppositionalism and the responses from those who attend have been very encouraging. In addition to this, I have been compiling a booklet attacking the bases of Roman Catholicism – viz. their rejection of Sola Scriptura, the doctrine of Petrine Primacy, transubstantiation, Mariolatry, and ecclesiology). I’m also editing W.G.T. Shedd’s little book The Doctrine of Endless Punishment (which I hope to produce in paperback and electronic format). Besides this, I am working on applying the presuppositional apologetic methodology to Mormonism. And besides that, I’ve been busy with my own studies.

All this is to say: If you’re interested in any of the subjects I’ve mentioned, stay tuned :)

I just finished a small piece on Petrine Primacy (refuting the Peter = the Rock of Matthew 16:13-19 error) and have included the PDF here for download, if you’re interested. It’s choppy and I have to work out the kinks in my argument, but I believe my case stands.

Here’s the link:

The Foundation of the Apostles – A Refutation of Petrine Primacy

And I’ve also revised an old article of mine refuting the Roman Catholic religion’s lie that it is the one true church established by Christ.

It’s posted on Grassroots Apologetics. Here’s the link:

“Why the Roman Catholic ‘Church’ is Not the Church that Jesus Founded”

Lord willing, you will find these helpful :)

Soli Deo Gloria


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