Some Resources on Annihilationism

Ever since my debate on the subject of annihilationism, I’ve kind of been intensely focused on exposing the irrationality of that doctrine from a multiplicity of angles. One could deal with the topic in terms of its systematic-theological, biblical-theological, and logical errors. I am particularly interested in pulling out the foundational presuppositions lying behind annihilationism, and so I’ve been evaluating the epistemological and ontological presuppositions in the light of Scripture.

I’ve also been following Joshua Whipps’ posts over at Whipps is due to debate Chris Date (my opponent some time ago), and so he has been dealing with many of the systematic-biblical-theological errors of annihilationism. I’ve provided links to my stuff and Joshua’s stuff as well.

Soli Deo Gloria.

My Stuff

Are Life and Existence Synonymous Terms?

Is Death Lifelessness?

Waxing Poetic: A Very Brief Study on the Imagery of Melting Wax in the Language of Judgment

Do Matthew 3:11-12 and Malachi 4:1-6 Support Annihilationism?

Utter Destruction and Consumption: Allowing the Context to Define the Key Terms

Is Matthew 5:21-26 Merely Earthly Legal Advice?

Articles & Audio by Joshua Whipps

Various Issues of Interest to the Debate

Furnaces of Fire and Outer Darkness

Point of Contact: Life, Death and Theology

Undying Worms and Unquenchable Fire


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