The Essential Unity of the Father and the Son in Psalm 2

[Read Psalm 2]

The kings of the earth set themselves,
and the rulers take counsel together,
against the Lord and against his Anointed…

Ps 2:2

In this verse, there is an opposition of united forces: The wicked are united to one another in their common hatred of God and His Son Christ, and Christ and His Father are united. Throughout this psalm, there is a unity between the Father and the Son that makes up the very substance of the Holy Spirit’s revelation. Consider the ways in which Father and Son are united: (a.)in being the object of the natural man’s hatred (v.2), (b.)in their ruling authority over all men (v.3), and (c.)in being the proper object of worship (v.11). There are differences, however, between the Father and the Son that we must also take into consideration. For instance, the Father and Son are distinct from one another in that: (a.)the Father exalts Christ to King of kings and Lord of lords (v.6), and (b.)the Son, therefore, executes judgment on all men (vv.8-9), and (c.)the Son is specifically identified as the object of saving faith (v.12c).

So to add something more to what we have already stated, we would be remiss in not underscoring that because the Father and the Son are essentially united, it is not possible for one to bow to the Father except through the mediation of the Son. The Father and the Son, the Holy Spirit tells us, have “bonds” on the wicked; the two Divine Persons of the Holy Trinity, in this text, are shown to exercise Sovereign authority over all mankind. Therefore, it is impossible to disobey One Divine Person and claim to obey the Other. Those who do not worship the Son are rebelling against the Father’s clear command given to all men.



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