Update…for any who are interested….

As of about two weeks ago, Grassroots Apologetics, and its writers, have become official writers for CARM.org…so I’ve been quite busy trying to get my writing and writing tools together. In addition to this, a beloved family member of mine had a stroke and is, on top of that, not in the best of health. So….I am flying to NYC in about a week to visit and show off my sons :)

Besides this, I managed to somehow break my tablet’s screen and wipe my netbook’s entire harddrive clean. So….yeah….I’m basically starting from scratch. But God is Sovereign and has ordained all things, not just those things that I take comfort in or find pleasurable.

I hope to get back on track with my writing by Wednesday, but I will preface that with a phrase I often forget to add: “If the Lord wills,” my blogging schedule will be back to normal by this Wednesday.

Until then, please keep my family in your prayers. And check out CARM.org. The site has tons of information (theological and apologetical) that is invaluable. If you find yourself helped by the ministry, please consider helping out by prayer and, if you can, financially.

If the Lord wills, I’ll be back on Wednesday ;)

Soli Deo Gloia



2 thoughts on “Update…for any who are interested….

  1. Chris Date says:

    Congratulations on joining CARM, Hiram! I am very sorry, however, for your loved one’s stroke and subsequent poor health, as well as for your technical problems. I am thankful that God has ordained all things.


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