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Annihilationism Revisited

Not too long ago, my computer crashed and I lost everything that I had written on the subject of annihilationism. So I’ve been slowly trying to find the resources I had before the crash. I’ve also been trying to rewrite my basics arguments against the false teaching. Grassroots Apologetics has been the place where I’ve been posting some of my articles. I hope to flesh their details out a bit more when I have the time to do so, and will provide a PDF download of the articles in book format. For now, you can check out the rough articles over at Grassroots Apologetics.

Do Matthew 3:11-12 & Malachi 4:1-6 Support Annihilationism?

Is Matthew 5:21-26 Merely Earthly Legal Advice?

Utter Destruction and Consumption: Allowing Context to Define the Key Terms (Pt.1)


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