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The Situation…

I just recently lost all of  my software, electronic books, and personal writings to a virus. The situation would have been worse if I had paid for the software and books I had, so the really the only losses here are of my own written work and the time it’s going to take to scour the internet to find the resources I lost.

So far, I’ve been able to find most of the software I had before. And, since I’ve got nothing else to write about (since all my papers got wiped clear off of my hard-drive, I’ve decided to share these with anyone interested. I hope you are blessed :)


Bibe Software

1. The Word: This has to be the best 100% free Bible software I’ve eve utilized. Check their site for more info.

What’s awesome about this software is that there are many sites that offer user-made modules (i.e. books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc) for free. You can build a pretty significant library without paying a single cent.  A few websites offering free modules are:

The Word Bibles

Individual Books, Multi-Volume Sets, Theology, Apologetics, & More!

2. Bible Explorer: This program is also completely free and is particularly good for performing extensive searches. In my opinion, the pay-for modules for this program are a little pricy. But, in any case, they do offer quite a bit of free resources. Also, the software can read html files in the user documents section, so if you have any PDF books, you can convert them to html and save them in the program. Check their website for more info.
PDF Organization

Mendeley: This is an awesome academic tool that is 100% free. Mendeley is a PDF reader/organizer with a built-in word processor for taking notes. In addition to this, Mendeley allows you to annotate PDFs (which the free version of Adobe Acrobat does not let you do), enter book information (e.g. date of publication, editor names, number of pages, etc), and even provides a MS Word add-in that automatically cites your resources in APA format.

Also, if you want to create a closed research team, Mendeley allows you to upload your PDFs to its website where others in your research group can download and view, edit, and reupload, etc.

Check their site for more info.
PDFill PDF Editor: This is a free PDF editor and converter. You can rotate documents, edit the metadata, split the original PDF into more than file, and convert various images to PDF.

More info can be found at their website.

Internet Tools

Mozilla Firefox: The thing that is wonderful about Firefox is that there are tons of user add-ons that are absolutely free and invaluable for research.

Some great add-ons are:

GreaseMonkey: This is a tool that can modify existing webpages to make them more user-friendly. In other words, you can make webpages do what you want them to do: remove ads from facebook, remove the boilerplate from googlebooks and just keep the text, add page-turn buttons in google books, etc

Check the site for more info.

Grab My Books: This add-on allows you to convert webpages to EPUB format Ebooks. You can add a cover, edit the metadata, and more.

You can check out their site for more info.

EpubReader: With this tool, you can read epub format ebooks in your Mozilla Firefox browser. If you want free ebooks that are only available in the epub format, or if you want to read your epub books on your laptop or PC but don’t want to eat up large amounts of space on your comp, then this add-on for Firefox is for you.

Check out their site.

Windows Tools

Multiple Tabs in MS Word: If you need to edit multiple MS Word docs at the same time, this add-in for MS Word allows you to open multiple docs in the same window without having to open the program up again. You can switch easily from one paper to another and eliminate the clutter of multiple MS Word windows.

Check out the creator’s website to download.

Multiple Tabs in Windows Explorer: This tool allows you to search multiple folders in windows explorer without having to open up multiple windows. This makes reorganization of your files a lot easier.

See their website to download.

Hope this blesses someone out there :)

Until next time,

Soli Deo Gloria



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