Some Resources on Postmodern Philosophy & “Emergent Christianity”

New Work, therefore Writing, Schedule…

I’ve been busy trying to adjust to my new work schedule while simultaneously blogging here, over a the CARM blog, and at the MurderYourSelf blog as well. Needless to say, it’s been kind of taxing – of course, in a very good way :)

So in an attempt to buy myself some extra studying and writing time, today’s post will be a set of links to some writing I’ve done that deals with postmodern philosophy & “Emergent Christianity.”

I hope they’ll be of some profit.

Solus Christus.


Postmodern Philosophy & Its Relation to Christianity

The Origin of Postmodernism According to Scripture

An Ancient Strategy

How to Deal with Emergianity (Pt.1)

How to Deal with Emergianity (Pt.2)

Heretics That Are Holier Than You

Postmodern Theology(mnastics), or Fallacious Hermeneusis

Loophole Theology: The Curious Case of Apollos

Appealing to Ignorance: Another Note on Methodology

Jacques Lacan was a Fool…


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