In Light of Harold Camping’s Failed Prediction…


Having had the experience of being in a cult for about six months, I understand the confusion and pain many of Harold Camping’s followers are probably going through right now. My family and I are praying for their healing and the restoration of their faith in Christ, and not in Harold Camping.

Please pray for the afflicted souls who were deceived by Mr. Camping. They need to be loved. They need to hear the Gospel. They do not need to be mocked.

Solus Christus.



The following video is the last part of a documentary posted anonymously on youtube. It follows Harold Camping and his followers for fourteen days and gives a very up close and personal view of those who got caught up in Camping’s movement.

[Click Here to see all of the videos in the countdown.]


One thought on “In Light of Harold Camping’s Failed Prediction…

  1. Heather says:


    I appreciate the compassion your post encourages with regard to those who have been following the Camping teaching.
    The video clip really gave me pause as the realization sank in that an individual can appear to be concerned for the well-being of others, humble, sincere, dedicated to his work–even prayerful about his/her belief and still be completely wrong. Very sobering.


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