Atheistic Arguments: An Attack on God’s Character

[Foreword: I’ve been very busy lately, with trying to get back into school, preparing myself intellectually by studying as much as possible,and  preparing for another baby (!) So, needless to say, I haven’t been able to post as frequently as I have in the past. Also, I’ve recently been granted the incredible opportunity to write for the Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry’s (CARM) blog. CARM is an apologetics ministry founded and overseen by apologist Matt Slick. The ministry tackles a broad range of subjects related to the Christian faith including heretical “Christian” cults, non-Christian religions, philosophical arguments against the existence of God, questions about the Bible’s logical consistency, questions about the Bible’s textual integrity, and many practical questions of Christian ethics as well. CARM’s website has been a great help to me. I’d also recommend Faith and Reason, Matt Slick’s one hour podcast/broadcast usually covering the same broad range of subjects aforementioned. The following is an excerpt of my first blog post, hopefully of many, over at the blog. God bless :)]

Arguments Against the Existence of God? Think Again…

When I was an atheist, the thought that my unbelief was the result of some grudge that I was holding against God infuriated me. My mother, best friend, and other people who were constantly trying to get me to see my own errors would often reduce my grand, philosophically impregnable, common sense atheism down to nothing but my own disliking of God’s Sovereign rule over the affairs of His creation. No, I wasn’t one of those unbelievers. I had “good reasons” for rejecting Christianity.

Moreover, my reasons, I’d argue, were solely the by-product of existential reflection, philosophical rumination, and a thorough investigation of all available data that was being put forth as evidence in support of Christianity. I didn’t have any personal issues with the way in which God chose to run the universe. After all, how could I have been offended by a God I didn’t even believe in? Isn’t it arrogant for a Christian to claim to know why I have refused to believe what they believe?

I. The “Argument” from Gratuitous Evil

It wasn’t until I came to know Christ personally as my Savior and Lord that I began to see all of the atheistic arguments against the existence of God for what they were: Accusations of sin, attempts at indicting the very Creator of the Universe as having acted immorally, or as presently acting in a manner that is immoral.

The most obvious example of accusing God of having behaved/behaving in a manner that is immoral is seen in the so called “Argument from Evil against the Existence of God.”

[Read More @ The Official CARM Blog]


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