A Recommendation…

William G.T. Shedd

Through the works of other Reformed theologians, particularly Gordon H. Clark, I have come across the works of William G.T.  Shedd, a brilliant theologian of the late 19th century (here is wikipedia’s brief bio). I have been able to find some of his works online for free, and have found his work to be of great assistance in thinking through the relationship between change and identity, form and matter, as well as inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning in light of the teaching of Scriptures.

I finished his Lectures Upon the History of Philosophy just last night. The text is available for the Kindle and Nook E-Readers, as well as in PDF and some other formats, here.

I was able to track two treatises by Shedd on Monergism.com. The first is on The Divine Decrees; the second is on Regeneration. Also, the Internet Archive has some of his other works available for download or online reading, here.

Enjoy :)



2 thoughts on “A Recommendation…

  1. noel says:

    i find your inductions and deductons of the doctrine of eternal security consistent and convincing with the few scriptures used. i am one who has to constantly be reassured that He choose me.

    so thanks for your interest in God’s truth and the growth of His people!


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