The Doctrine of the Trinity in the Epistle of Jude

The Doctrine of the Trinity in the Epistle to Jude

The doctrine of the Triunity of the One True God is ineradicable from Scripture, although the heretics try constantly to remove His presence in order to establish for themselves a false god in His place. No matter where we turn in Scripture, the truth is present, and in the epistle  of Jude, we see this evidenced very clearly. In the space of some 25 verses, Jude is able to establish the Triunity of God twice, in the context of calling his addressees to defend the faith once for all delivered to the saints.

The two instances are interdependent, forming a cohesive understanding of the way each Person operates. By comparing vv. 1, 4, 21 and 25, we learn that Christ is (i.)the One whom Christians serve (v.1), (ii.)the One who preserves Christians (v.1), (iii.)the One who is our Lord (v. 4), (iv.)the One who shows mercy upon His own and grants them eternal life (v. 21), and (v.)the One who is God our Savior. We also learn that the Father is (i.)the One who shows us grace and freedom from the Law in Christ (by implication in v. 4), (ii.)the One who is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ (v. 1), and (iii.)the One who loved/loves His elect (v. 21). And finally, we learn that it is the Holy Spirit the One who (i.)indwells all true Christians (v.19), (ii.)sanctifies them (i.e. makes them holy, v. 19), and (iii.)in whom we pray and move and have fellowship with the Father and with the Lord Jesus Christ (v. 20).

The doctrine of the Trinity is here given in a very compact, but nonetheless compelling and dense manner. We learn about each Person of the Godhead much of what we would learn from reading through the broader body of Scriptural writing on this matter and inductively relating Scripture to Scripture.

Soli Deo – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – Gloria.




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