So…My Wife Fried Our Modem…

therefore, I won’t be able to post anything for about another day or so (at the latest, Monday).

I’ve been grappling with the traditional interpretations of Genesis 6:1-8, so I’ve decided to elaborate on a topic implicit to such interpretations: the role of extra-biblical “revelation” with regard to “ambiguous” or “problematic” texts.

My position is, basically, this: Scripture clearly interprets itself; extra-biblical information may serve to set the Bible in its historical framework, but the Bible defines its own terms, fleshes itself out without relying upon any external resources, and, typically, stands in sharp contrast to the cultures surrounding its writers.

Let me know what your thoughts are :)



One thought on “So…My Wife Fried Our Modem…

  1. Heather says:

    That’s too bad about your modem.

    Historical/cultural context does help to give a better understanding sometimes–or it can serve to distract from the main point. Guess the effect the writings have depends a lot on why a person is reading the extra-scriptural stuff.

    Not sure what anyone else’s experience has been, but when I stopped confusing myself with books about (or were peripherally related to) the Bible, I was finally ready to start listening to what the Lord is saying IN the Bible.

    I’m a little suspicious of texts that didn’t make it into the canon, because I do believe that God is perfectly capable of directing the affairs of men to be sure nothing important got left out.


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